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We thank Drs. Lilia D'Souza-Li and Svetlana Pidasheva, and Ruth Milkereit and Yaroslava Chtompei for their previous help with the database. We thank Drs. Lucie Canaff, Vito Guarnieri and Yves Sabbagh for revising and maintaining the present database.

Calcium Sensing Receptor Database
Welcome to the Search Engine Site! The CASRdb site is dedicated to serving the Internet community by providing information on published mutations and polymorphisms of the calcium-sensing receptor (CASR).

We have reorganized the CASRdb to provide the information with respect to genotype/phenotype and functional analysis in a better way. At present we have deleted the Clinical Data table. At a future time a new Clinical Data table will be added as well as a table summarizing CASR Polymorphisms and Association Studies.


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